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tv   [untitled]    August 19, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm PDT

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k is appointments by board members. >> i want to thank linda, my appointee to public education and richmond fun. she has had to resign her position, so in her place of would like to appoint magdalena. she is on staff. >> thank you superior -- thank you. can someone note about to make sure she dips brought in to your kitchen?
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next item is the plan addendum to your your -- addendum curator >> so move triggered an -- so moved. >> i am herewith our liaison, barry kaufman. good for a little bit of context, in the spring we received notice but our county office was going to go into improvement, if for if, and those are the school the turn now going into program improvement if.
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the process has been fairly easy. because we haven't been including these schools, and because we have been a fixture you are aware of. >> 7 cisco is the only one in the area, but the powers of nbc? as two separate entities -- powers the nbc them us to separate entities. it is required to write an addendum to the plans.
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i called on them to explain the unique relationship no, and in e bureaucratic sense, they said to make sure we include that in the addendum, so a few things are want to mention. one, the addendum that is here is pretty much the same post no work for the unified school district, -- the same as the work for the unified school district, and section 6 is the work you approved last spring for the title three sections, so this was a giant cut and paste, so we were able to put this together. i think the challenging thing
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was understanding budget allocations and revenue and how it is allocated, and in the addendum but hopefully you will approve, all of the programs and services currently offered are also offered to the county education. what has been an eyeopener, i have worked in several offices of education, and the community's schools are not marginalized. they are absolutely integrated into the aspirations of the school district as well as day to day activities, and i want to thank janet, who has been the superintendent in charge of the schools and the work she has
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gone. gov superintended garcia talked about the people in the district as super heroes. git is wonderful to work and be able to go into the offices on van ness and be able to understand a complex and budgetary system so i want to acknowledge the support of those who have made this and worked manager phone to -- manageable, so what we are asking for is your approval. there are certain action items that are specific to community it schools, and i look forward to the actual monitoring process for getting a sense of the programs as they are going on in the schools, but i want to
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thank the district, and it is unique for a county office to have that kind of support for youngsters and community schools, and it is a credit to all of you here. goo>> any public speakers on ths item is? i have none. comments from the board? >> i have a question on page 3, where it makes fauve recommendation, and my question reads it where it makes full recommendation, and my question is who is the staff point person. clearly i would anticipate it would be in daily book of the special education department, but i just want to know what is
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the time line on these recommendations and who on staffing will be monitoring that. >> this is implementation, and it is very difficult for me to assess the next few years in this process, because has most of you know, secretary duncan is offering waivers for states but find themselves in this particular situation, but if things stay the same, this will be an implementation for three years, so i will be responsible for monitoring it. the accountability will clearly lie with the principles of the school corridor -- at the school.
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commissioner fewer: i would like to say how pleased i was of the big picture school was a reference, and i had a chance of seeing a portfolio being presented, and we were both quite impressed with a level of engagement and and dedication and work students have put in and decried the students have with the work. i hope we are able to take that into the curriculum of san francisco unified schools, but thank you for reference signal what impact it is having on our schools. >> i also was very taken. they are a very unique organization, all little out of the box common but they do very well. if any of you are interested, this is extremely cost-
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effective in terms of services the county office is receiving for this work curator of parks -- for this work. >> deputy superintendent. >> i want to make a point to congratulate dr. schulz, who is just recognized by the a picture organizations and not nationally and awarded for playing a role developing and supporting in our school districts. that has been a wonderful educational experience for our children. we want to congratulate dr. schulz for her award. good >> you are not out of line. congratulations, jennifer. any other comments? roll call please.
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[calling revvotes] >> six ayes. >> thank you of 3 ghraib always good to see you. >> our condolences. i understand your grandmother passed a wave theory give our condolences. >> the discussion of other -- i understand your grandmother passed away. my condolences. >> item o is the consent calendar. it was moved and seconded under item f. we vote on the consent calendar superior -- calendar.
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[calling votes] >> six ayes. >> item p are the items for discussion. commissioner wynns: is this the one you wanted germany and not good, because i made a mistake. i have always richard already given discussion inferior an -- i have already given discussion. >> it is a schizophrenic resolution and curio region resolution. >> it looks like a typo. the dates are august 15, so i
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think it should be a retroactive resolution and curio -- resolution. >> so it is retroactive if it starts august 15? >> it is not retro. it should be no. >> i will take it off my list. item k-19. >> thank you. i just want to take a moment to ask about time from my point of view. i would like to get some response us to where we are with truancy, particularly with things like those. what resources are we employing? how are we deranged -- how are
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we doing things differently? mostly there are elementary schools doing a better job. i would kind of like to know what we are spending and one sources, however you want to do that is fine with me if the commissioners are interested, we could maybe have a short report or a meeting. that is fine. >> thank you superior -- thank you. roll-call please. [calling votes]
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>> a superintendents' proposal for first reading. i need a motion and a second. this is to grant or deny a the renewals for metropolitan arts high school to return -- high school. item r is the board member proposal for first reading. i need a motion and a second curiosa -- second. this is permitting students to utilize independent study to obtain physical education credit through the 2012-2013 school year. i have won public speaker curio
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-- 1 public speaker. >> this refers to personnel and labor. >> i am the director in san francisco. i would like to thank you for whom the dresser in the issue tonight. i want to show you are will actively monitor this program and ensure we make a satisfactory progress. i have some metrics to measure, and i would like to give periodic updates. because we are self-funding, there may be some problems with
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money being available in september, and there may be some technical issues with at least one higher read the past to do with the effective date of retirement, so you may push it off to october or whenever you feel is an appropriate time. thank you. >> can i ask a question about your referral to the committee's hamas -- to the committees? i was wondering if having it to committee was going to be a problem. apparently, that is not a problem, and i want to monitor this a little bit. we just canceled the rules
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committee meeting this month, so since this was returned to rules, if you could just try to figure what happens if it comes back here curiosa -- by here. that would mean it might be five or six weeks before we have a rules committee. >> we do not have overruled -- a rule, it can be rescheduled. >> i was requesting the be monitored superior -- monitored here it sounds like there is no
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urgency in doing this. we are trying to figure out how quickly it needs to be approved or denied. >> of a high-school where they have funding, about individual is here now, so we could do some administrative work with him. i believe he may not be able to be hired now until october, but i can get the actual dates on that information for you, and we also have a candidate who is retired. i am still working on funding for him. >> you need at least one
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approval, so this needs to happen sooner rather than later. >> rules is scheduled for september 19. i think we can still meet the posting deadline curio -- deadline. >> maybe we can schedule a short rules committee, what ever you prefer your your region whatever you prefer. i do not know if we need to do a meeting and just for this. >> for the curriculum meeting, and you know terminal -- do you know? >> we have something already on schedule. >> we are looking at the 22nd,
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but we still have to ask the committee. >> can you make an effort to meet before the 23rd chairman region before the 23rd? -- an effort to meet before the 23rd and of course we will try to make sure it is heard before the 23rd meeting. >> thank you. item f, board member reports. >> i already lost my vet, sir not yourself out. the basketball game starts at 8:00. >> very quickly, i handed out a program from the science partner
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shoulip. our high school students were internes and did some high-level research, and i want to thank them for partnership on that. i read about my red shoes, which makes donations to 420 children living in chinatown, so i want to recognize their efforts to support children with backpacks and shoes. i participated in the summer program and talk about government positions, and i would like to do a shout out to cheryl davis and her summer program for youth, and finally there was communication about the financial literacy technology program, and i want to thank you as thanks for
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working with public schools on that program. >> i want to thank administrators and central staff and the planning of this year's institutes very good -- institute. it was good to see that many of the workshops were really focused on our goals but we have set forth, whether it is on the special education peace or the parent engagement peace, or you have been talking about chronic absenteeism, so i was glad to see focus on those issues so we can continue to move our agenda. >> any of the reports thurman --
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any other airport salm -- repor? this is august 9, 2011 closed session. by a vote of six ayes, mendoza approved. with other informational items, we have the quarterly report on the uniform complaints. our adjournment. and we are closing our meeting in memory of several former staff members and a student, so i will start twistwith a retired administrator who passed away on august 2.
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he was a long term teacher and administrator serving of the junior high. his colleagues refer to herman as the principal cost principles. when faced with racial integration, they would ask, how would george handled this? he also served as a supervisor in the newly formed department of integration and work on developing a horseshoe plan, our first desegregation plan. he is very active in the jewish community, serving in san francisco on various community boards. we are also closing in memory of choice stuart, are retired
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administrator who tossed away in june. at a time, joyce is remembered for her professional career in the district. she taught at the elementary school and was a community teacher. she served as assistant principal in ortega and was a principal at columbus elementary school courier -- elementary school. she was a model for her peers and for those who follow her. she imparted enthusiasm for the arts as she played piano, taught music for her students, and organize a glee club. she will be missed by all of us during her time on this earth. may we all be comforted by the thought she is in a better place where there is joy, peace,
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happiness, and music. we will also close in memory of dr. jackson, a friend of all of us. >> the doctor died on august 6, 2011, at age 74. he is survived by his beloved wife, both of whom are retired teachers, his daughters, and eight grandchildren, cousins, and friends. he often used to say he had been involved in the school district for 70 years and went on to study at 11 institutions of higher learning. he received a doctorate from the university of southern california and continued as a lifelong learner. he spent many years as an educator, was an aspiring
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teacher -- inspiring teacher. i had the privilege of representing at his funeral and took a turn to say that he always referred to his students and never his former students. were you his student, you were his students forever. he was a theater manager, an actor, and an avid san francisco giants fan of your your -- giants fan. if you got his business card, it looked like a baseball card. he received the founders' award interior -- award. he received many awards for his education work and was a member
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of many jewish organizations and a dedicated member of the club. he was the first director of multicultural education in san francisco unified school district and was dedicated to the integration of schools and in san francisco. he was one who remained dedicated to historic partner sherman -- partnership between the jewish community and the african american community of zero. we will all miss him. i have never known anyone more devoted to the district, and we all will miss his constant
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presence at board meetings and committee meetings and we can all count on him -- we could always count on him to be there. he was one who truly understood the value of government. he would often say he knew more than 70 school board members, and he mentored all of us, and his encyclopedic knowledge of the school district is something we will not be able to replace and is a loss to all of us. the school district and me personally want to express our sorrow to his family and friends, and we will miss him. thank you. >> lastly, in memory of one of our graduates, and jackson, who passed away tragically in a water skiing accident. he was a 2010 graduate and had just completed his first year at the university of


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